New ball recycling scheme

An exciting initiative had been launched by Ladies Captain, Alex Lambert - old ball recycling.  

Alex said:

‘I have found myself hoarding tubes of old tennis balls as I wasn’t sure how best to dispose of them. Apparently, most tennis ball end up at landfill sites. 

‘I researched online and found a company that promises to arrange for the redistribution of used tennis balls into other industries and applications.

‘They will pay all courier collection fees and as long as the balls meet their published standards, they will pay us 15p per ball for our troubles! 

All proceeds made will go directly into club funds and be used to improve the club and its facilities where needed.’

Alex has installed a dedicated ‘used tennis ball receptacle’ in the foyer of the club. 

Please only use this for used tennis balls and not for the tubes. The can or plastic tubes can be recycled as per the instructions on them in your domestic recycling, thank you.

Once we have 250 balls, of the graded standard, Alex will contact the company and arrange for collection. Once they verify our submission, they will make a payment to the club.

We hope this helps some of you free up some space in your homes, cupboards or tennis bags and in turn helps the club to not only be more ethically active but to also be renumerated for our efforts.